Policies for Human Design and Astrology Answers


Know Before You Book an Appointment

You come to me looking for astrology and Human Design's answers to life's questions. Before we get to the fun part, let's be clear on the business end of things. This frees me up to do what I do best, serve you, Love! 

Thanks for taking the time to review these procedures prior to booking your appointment. :)


1. Disclaimer: An astrology and/or HD reading is not a substitute for a consultation with a financial advisor, medical expert or psychiatrist. By booking a reading, the client acknowledges this and accepts full responsibility for the interpretation of any information received, and for any subsequent decisions. I reserve the right to choose those with whom I will work. 


2. In-person sessions are conducted at my location in East Tucson, AZ. I may be able to do in-call readings for an additional fee, depending on the location and my schedule. 

3. Not in Tucson? Not a problem! I do astrology & HD "in person" on-line sessions as well, via phone, Skype, Zoom, or Facebook Messenger.

4. When booking your reading, I’ll need your date, year, place (nearest city or town) and time of birth. NOTE: Where possible, an accurate birth time within 15 minutes is needed. It’s your Soul’s grand entrance onto the 3-D Earth plane of time/space at precise coordinates of latitude and longitude. If there is no time of birth, no worries, but best if we can be exact.      

5. Consultations are held in confidence and are private. Feel free to record the session on your phone. You may want a notebook to jot down insights.   


6. Your payment reserves an appointment time. Payment must be received two days prior to your session; without payment, the appointment is not firm. If payment is not received two days prior, we’ll need to reschedule. Same-day appointments can be arranged for an extra fee.      

7. Please allow a 48-hour notice for any changes or cancellations. When scheduling, please consider carefully if the time and date offered will work for you. While life happens, cancellations cost me time and money. If you cancel THE DAY OF your session, you may have to wait weeks for the next available appointment.     

8. Sessions are non-refundable.     

9. If you are late, that time is deducted from your session. I do not reschedule missed appointments - NO-SHOWS, or clients who cancel minutes before their appointment. Remember: Sessions are non-refundable.      

10. You are responsible for asking the questions you want answered. I do my best to let you know when we have 10 minutes left to get in any questions you may have. If there are specific things you’re seeking guidance on, please let me know when you book your appointment so I can properly prepare.     

11. If you need CLARITY after a reading around something I said, please email me, the sooner the better: 

Debbie @ theyogawoman dot com. If there’s a new question, please purchase a new reading. :)

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