The Human Design System: The Science of Differentation

You Are Unique!

No, really! You're one-of-a-kind.

You're body (the vehicle) is meant to navigate the physical realm with ease and grace to allow the Soul (the passenger) to experience life...once you get your head (the computer) out of the way!

Decision Making

We learn to navigate the physical realm through decisions making. 

No one else functions like you do. 

Learn your unique way of making decisions that are right for YOU! Learn about human design readings today!

Hey! What's YOUR Type?

All you need is your birth date, time (close to exact as possible), and place (nearest city, state, country).

Free HD Chart

Personal Human Design Reading


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Learn your unique way of decision making and navigation tools for your journey on the Earth plane  through Type, Strategy, Authority, and Profile. 

Need birth date, year, time (as close to accurate as possible), and place (nearest city, state, and country). 

Please indicate if accurate birth time is unknown. 

(This is a special price for Web of Life Animist Kin.)

The Story of You - Personal Mission Statement


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 Using your Human Design Variables (below the lines of the hexagram), I craft a personalized written mission statement for how you're meant to navigate the three dimensional realm. 

To obtain your personal mission statement, or, "The Story of You," 

1. Send your payment on the link above.

2. Email the following info: birth day, time (exact time needed), year

4. Nearest city / town 

5. Phone number 

6. Email 

If the time is not exact ("around 8:00 a.m."), this process won't work.  A few minutes off can make a big difference. 

After I receive the above, please allow a about a week for me to write your story, which I'll then email to you. It's usually a one-page document.

Note: This is not a reading - this is a written document.