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Intro To Human Design: Type, Strategy & Authority Workshop


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Are you over meeting with resistance every time you try to start something new?

Are you giving friends and family insightful advice that they ignore, and then get mad at you for trying to help?

Are you ready to start living as your true self, instead of living to other's expectations?

Well, welcome to a way that can solve all these issues! Here's a solution to help you move through life with less resistance and greater flow. 

"Wow! This makes so much sense now that I understand how I'm designed to be myself. This workshop was really insightful, giving me clarity around things I suspected, but couldn't verbalize. This information is life changing! I can't wait to dive into Human Design to learn more." Amy E, workshop participant 

Human Design is a synthesis of many wisdom traditions:  i-Ching, chakras, astrology, Kabbalah, and quantum physics. It's the science of  understanding your own uniqueness, and how you're meant to navigate the Earth plane.

All you need to get started on your experience of living according to your unique design, is an understanding of your Type (Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor, or Reflector), the strategy that goes along with your type, and your particular decision making center (chakra). 

Bring your chart (search for free Human Design chart on-line), or have it on your phone. 

Space is limited! Sign up now and start learning about YOUR uniqueness! 


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

5:30 - 7:30 p.m.


The Ninth House Metaphysical Shop

236 S. Scott Ave. (inside)

Tucson, AZ 85701

Astrology + Yoga = Joy

Astrology + Yoga = More Joy

My astrology readings tap into my creativity to be the best astrologer I can be, able to shine and serve so our individual Kingdoms and Queen-doms return to a vital, holistic state. A state aligned and in harmony with seasons and cycles individually, collectively, and cosmically. 

I deliver astrology readings, consultations, and classes one-on-one and in groups, either in-person, by phone, or on-line.  

Astrology and yoga philosophy are complementary, as both are ancient wisdom traditions that are equal measures art and science. Both healing systems require knowledge, wisdom, and skillful application to be effective on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of our being.

Beyond Hatha yoga (physical yoga) is a wealth of yogic philosophy and lifestyle techniques handed down throughout the centuries. Yoga has a solution for every problem humans can encounter. Patanjali, the author of the Yoga Sutras, provided 196 ways to be happy based on a proven system of principles and practices that work to create more sustained joy in your life. And, some of the best astrologers were yogis! 

When I look into your astrology and Human Design charts, I see your unique blueprints, how you're meant to express your creative impulse in this lifetime. I use this information, coupled with my background in yoga, to help guide and direct you on your path. 

I await the invitation to read YOUR charts!

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What To Expect from Me?

At my highest value, you can expect that I will deliver skillfully structured consultations by listening to my client’s needs then delivering intuitive horoscope readings designed to achieve maximum effect. My observant, subtle style makes every detail more influential.    


You gain benefit from me as a valued, recognized expert. I formulate ideas in a clear, articulate manner. Complex astrological, Human Design, and yogic philosophies and techniques are selectively and purposefully shared with a easy-to-digest approach. I persuade others by culling my words and actions; when an idea or an opinion is shared, it carries more influence.   


You can count on value being added during your astrology consultation through better execution as I constantly envision ways to improve and upgrade. I earn respect by higher standards, and am motivated by an ambitious, determined, yet understated outlook. You can expect the highest quality service, as I influence people by my high expectations of myself and others.   


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