30 min Locational Astrology Readings


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

30 min on-line (Skype, FB Messenger) locational astrology readings.  Let's pin-point where your correct environment and location are for you to be successful and thrive.  

Here's how it works: 

1. Make your payment.

2. Email me with your contact info, and birth date, time (exact where possible), and location (city/state).

3. In the email, state your location choices (if you know), stay in your current country or outside of it. If so, where? OR if you're looking for something specific, love, career, luck, etc.

4. I'll respond that I've received your info, and we'll schedule an appointment. We'll also agree on the delivery method: Skype, Zoon, FB.

5. Any questions, feel free to call or email. :)



Astrology Reading


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 1-Hour Astrology Readings. 

Where's my love, money and career? Or, what's my purpose, direction, reason for existence? You'll learn all that, and more! 

Indicate what type of reading you'd like, and what you'd like to know (i.e., career, romance, life direction or purpose). Include birth info (see Policies). 


1-Hour Relationship Reading


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Whether it's a causal romance, or,  you’re about to tie the knot, astrology compatibility readings and relationship astrology consultations help you and your partner explore the possibilities of the relationship before you're in too deep. 

Understanding relationship dynamics is not limited to romantic partners. Horoscope astrology readings work for 


Up to 1-Hour reading with audio recording. Send birth info for both parties and their permission (see Policies for more on birth info).