Debbie Barnett Best Astrologer's Snapshot

Debbie Barnett Best Astrologers' Snapshot

To get a snapshot of who someone may be and their approach to life, we need look no further than the "Astrological Big 3" by sign (archetype being played out), modality (way of being) and element (basic makeup).

Here's my Astrological Big 3:

Sun: Leo - Fixed Fire

Moon: Gemini - Mutable Air

Rising: Cancer - Cardinal Water

Astrological Big 3

  1. The Sun (individuality)
  2. The Moon (way of relating, emotionality)
  3. Ascendant or Rising Sign (facade, personality)

Leo is enthusiastic, inspirational, courageous, dramatic, and a natural leader. Gemini is quick witted, chatty, loves to learn, share ideas, and can be flexible in their thinking. Cancer is sensitive and action-oriented around nurturing and providing emotional and physical care-taking.

This gives you a clue about me. But what about you? What are your Big 3? Don't know? Book a consultation to find  out! :)

Find out YOUR Big 3!

How Did You Get Started?

How did I get into  yoga, astrology, and

Human Design? Glad you asked!

My love affair with astrology began when, barely old enough to read, about age 7 or 8, I memorized the 12 zodiac signs from the astrology-themed kitchen matches my Aquarius mom had on-hand.  As I got into my teens, I started casting charts by hand (the best way to learn!), pre-computer age! As soon as a baby's born in my family, they're trained to jot down the exact time!

In 1979, I discovered a book on yoga. I was a high school gymnast at the time, and after seeing photos of headstands, back bends, and the splits, things I’d been doing since childhood, I realized I’d been doing yoga most of my life. Before school, I'd practice yoga next to my water bed and lava lamp. This was 1979 after all!   

Twenty-two years later, in 2001, I obtained certification and began teaching yoga. Today, I hold the distinction of e-RTY 200 and RYT 500, (Registered Yoga Teacher) teaching certifications, meaning I'm qualified to lead yoga teacher trainings. 

The Human Design System found me in 2006. I learned I was a Emotional Solar Plexus Projector, 3/5 Profile, Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected. Projector's are here to guide and advise, and we need to wait for invitations before sharing wisdom and insights. Well, alrighty, then!

I'm 12 years in my HD experiment, and love the clarity and success (Projector key word) I feel when I apply it's principles to my own life, and share it's philosophy with others. I Love HD!

What's Your Background?

2001 was a big year for me. In January of that year, my career as an executive assistant ended with yet another corporate layoff. I not only began teaching yoga that year, but I struck out on my own in the business world by starting a professional development company. 

Then for seven months in 2003, from Atlanta to Seattle, I conducted over two-hundred mini-sales training workshops promoting Brian Tracy’s one-day sales training events to every type of sales business - from mortuaries to mortgage companies, to real estate offices and car dealerships. The experience taught me to think on my feet while relating to diverse audiences in a variety of settings. 


Later in 2003, I moved to Southern California to work with Rhythm Journey Drum Circles promoting corporate team building drum circles. Yes, you read that right, drum circles! As a drummer, I enjoy giving others the experience of entrainment that happens in a rhythmical activity like drumming or breathing together. The unifying effects of entrainment last for days and weeks.

In 2005, at the National Speakers Association, Greater Los Angeles Chapter, I won the Platform Performance award for my three minute inspirational / motivational speech. I performed an advanced yoga demonstration…on a table! The audience’s response? “Some people talk about focus, Debbie Barnett demonstrates focus, loud and clear!”  There's a video of it on my YouTube channel, Astro Yoga Woman:

In 2008, I published my first book, “The Deeper the Roots, the Juicier the Fruits! 8 Spiritual Practices for a Juicy Life.” This small, illustrated, colorful book is like a yoga class in your back pocket. I'm currently working on a young adult novel with yoga and magic as its theme.

Southern California is on my Uranus line, ruler of Astrology. In 2009, I became a member of the Southern California Astrological Society (SCAN), learning from a myriad of the best astrologers from across the country. This is when I began reading professionally. 

In 2010, the Orange County (CA) Probation Department honored me with an Outstanding Probation Volunteer award for teaching Hatha Yoga and yoga philosophy to incarcerated male minors in Juvenile Hall. They called it "cholo yoga," and claimed, "Real gangster do yoga!"  Minors and staff listed my approachability, sense of humor, and ability to make yoga fun and accessible as reasons for the recognition.

2011 saw my yoga teaching career take off, at times teaching 14 classes per week. I was also involved in developing, leading, and mentoring yoga teacher training programs in Orange County, CA.

Today, In 1979, as a high school gymnast, I discovered a book on yoga. After seeing photos of headstands, backbends, and the splits, things I’d been doing since childhood, I realized I’d been practicing yoga most of my life. I'd practice yoga next to my water bed and lava lamp before school. This was 1979 after all! 

Twenty-two years later, in 2001, I gained certification and began teaching yoga. I achieved  the following Yoga Alliance certifications: e-RTY 200, RYT 500, and YACEP for continuing education credits. 

I've shared my love of yoga with diverse groups, from physicians at Kaiser Permanente, sharing the benefits of mindfulness and breathing, to patients in alternative sentencing chemical dependency rehab centers. For over seven years, I taught a weekly class to male minors in juvenile detention as my seva (yogic principle of selfless service). 

No matter what the circumstances, I convey my mission of “Serving the world through yoga, one breath at a time.” 

Enough about me! How can Astro Yoga help you?